Random Photo 9…


i took this image last year of 2013, and had a BLAST!

i work with models all the time; this young lady it happen to be her FIRST FASHION shoot ever, and to me she blew it out the water.
the sun was bright and all in our faces.
she was so nervous that the bike was going to tip over…i told her to relax. sure enough she did and this was our outcome.
i have a strong passion for bikes (sport/street bikes) and then fashion.
combine the two and this is what you get….

God was in control that day!!!!!!!


Prom…with a Fashion spark

(Friends Having Fun)


i WOULD love to scream this to the world but i can’t…. ( sad face)

so, i was asked to do something i normally DO NOT DO, and that is PROM! (OMG BECKY, NO!) lol
i was asked by a friend, who believe it or not i use to babysit her kids and now i capturing her prom….SENIOR PROM?!?!?!?! (talk about feeling old)

sometimes i think, i over think things; when nothing is really that serious or that difficult. things like that can slow you down big time. so when i heard the word “PROM” i freaked out and froze. but, why?

Prom falls under to categories: Wedding and Fashion. (to which i have done BOTH)
Weddings:it is all about YOU!
how cute…same with prom.
Fashion: Latest fashion, best dressed, all about looks and hair. who is on top of their game?
again, that is prom.
so in reality i realized that i had this in the bag!!!!!!!!

i’ve watch miss.t grown into a phenomenal young women. so to be apart of her special day, i felt honored.

You Are the Canvas
-Psalms 139-

Moving On Up….

SO! i was checking my email and recieved a message that stated: “Congratulations on making it into the March 2014 issue of Queen Size Magazine. The magazine has officially been released and is ready for purchase.”

before you ask: “did you take this photo?” the answer is “no” i only posted it of course, my name is on there, duh! LOL!

my mouth was hanging open, and my eyes was wide open, like…OMG! like, i remember doing the interview, but i didn’t think it was really going to hit the prints, LOL! God has a plan for me, and i have been falling on my knees giving him praise! that’s all i can do, Thank You isn’t enough.

Queen Size Magazine is an up coming powerful women’s mag that is for all. i am so excited for what is in store.

You Are the Canvas


Me, Myself and of course I….

as a photographer, you will find it hard to just photograph yourself. why, you ask? BECAUSE you are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS busy focusing and capturing others that its hard to take the time and shoot yourself. lol

like a barker is baking for others prayed they enjoy his tasteful creations, but most likely wont have the time to enjoy them himself, UNLESS……….he goes to another baker. AH HAA!

so these portraits of good ole me, were taken by my great friend Nick Wallace, of Nixon Images.

these were taking the same day, we did the engagement shoot. Now, he might of shoot and posed me but he just emailed to me and i did the editing.

there is a FINE LINE between cocky and being confident. i am truly blessed with what God have given me as gifts, talents, and just the type of person that i am. thats why Nicole J. Inc Photography is based off out Psalms 139:14. i hope my clients are as happy and confident as, i.

so i hope you gys enjoy the photos as much as i did! lol

love&many BLESSINGS
You Are the Canvas
-Psalms 139-

Random Photo…8

no one can replace your mother.
Keep Calm And Call Your Mom ♥

this photo was taken of my mama the year of 2011, right in our house. i was playing with my BRAND NEW macro leans ALONG with using one light (beauty dish) and mirror to bounce/reflect light. mama just came in from getting her hair cut, so had to show her off. i love my mom, but she was the wrost model ever! haha! “can i see the photo”, “jill, i dont like that one, or that one…..or that either”, “lets take one more” etc. etc. haha!

so, what i thought would be 30mins, eventually went to 2 hrs we agreed on this.

love&many BLESSINGS
You Are the Canvas
-Psalms 139-

a romantic way to end 2013….

again along side my buddy and mentor Nick Wallace of NixonImages, he invited me to join him on an “engagement” shoot. what a wonderful cute way to end the year. sooooooooo, of course i couldn’t say no! we took a long. long. long ride to good ole Virginia.
now the weather forecast stated RAIN ALL DAY! but, by the strong GRACE of God it stop and we were on schedule for a great shoot.

are any of you a fan of PINTEREST? i so am, and get a lot of photo ideas even cooking recipes. its a cool amazing source for idea bouncing; if ever you are stuck and need help.
the future bride was inspired and so excited that even rain or shine she wanted to shoot.
i hope you enjoy the photos, cause we so enjoyed the shoot.

(above are photos i captured of Mr. NixonImages in action, while below are the images i captured just minding my own business) lol EnJoY!

*since this was his client go to his website (link above) to view his work. AMAZING

love & many BLESSINGS
You are the Canvas
-Psalms 139-

Happy NEW Year!

OMG! everyone, 2013 has been a true BLESSED year! now, the last time i posted a blog was in September…so i am WAY WAY overdue! so with that being said OF COURSE i will be posting past photo shoots from 2013; because there is A LOT! just been so crazy busy with work, school, and yes yes yes PHOTO SHOOTS i never had the time to post!
starting today that will change!

drumming in the New Year with PRAISE!

drumming in the New Year with PRAISE!

if many of you didn’t know; i am a DRUMMER when i am NOT a PHOTOGRAPHER, with that said my New Years was brought in with Praise&Worship at church! such a great way to bring in the New Year!
i hope you guys make the best and enjoy 2014, i know i will! is it just me or did 2013 past us by a little to fast? hey, i’m just saying, lol!